Ornamental Ironwork

Restoration & Repairs

About Ironwork Repairs

From historic replication and restoration, to on-site residential and commercial repairs, Heritage Industries, Inc. is the leading¬† metalwork specialist in the Pittsburgh area.¬† Whether it’s wrought iron, cast iron, brass or other, our approach is to examine the existing material, finish, and condition of the metal, as well as the joinery and fasteners, prior to making a recommendation.¬† Project goals and budget are carefully considered in order to educate our clients on best practice, offer options, and propose the best approach to optimize results.

Repairs Done By Hand!

It takes special skills to work with older metals and to make sure your repairs are done correctly.

Every repair we do involves research — and then a plan of how the piece can be successfully repaired so that it’s a close to the original as possible.

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